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 Frequently Asked Questions,
Below you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about e-admit.com.
If you have any other questions or want more information please feel free to contact us.
1. Meaning of admit
Webster's 1913 Dictionary - Ad`mit´
To concede as true; to acknowledge or assent to, as an allegation which it is impossible to deny; to own or confess; as, the argument or fact is admitted; he admitted his guilt.
2. Do you publish all e-admissions submitted?
No. We choose among the e-admissions submitted. If you want us to publish your e-admission we advise you to be honest in the first place. If we feel that your
e-admission is honest than it will probably be published. Also we prefer to publish brief, short e-admissions and more personal and unique e-admissions.
3. When do you update e-admit.com?
e-admit.com is updated daily at midnight according to GMT + 00. Which is:
00:00 am - London time
19:00 pm - New York time
09:00 am - Sydney time
4. How can I send & recieve private messages?
e-admit.com is not a site aiming to give messaging service to everybody. However you can send and recieve text messages to/from the users whoose
e-admissions has been published. In order to be able to send and recieve messages you must register with a username and password and be logged in, than you can freely use this feature.
5. You say that I will be anonymous but I have to register. Whats up?
We do not collect any personally identifiable information in the registration process (unless provided voluntarily and knowingly). All we need is a username, that has not been chosen before, a password for the username, your age and your gender. You will be able to use this username and password, if you wish, to send and recieve personal messages to/from other e-admit.com users. So if you do not give any identifiable information in your messages or username you will remain anonymous.
Users will only be able to see your username, age (not the exact birth date), gender and location (if provided) when you send a message or when your e-admission is published.
6. Can you remove any e-admissions or comments published?
No. Once published e-admissions cannot be removed from the site even if requested.
Yes. If the comment is found unsuitable it will be removed by the admins. Comments can also be removed by the owner of the e-admission which the comment is made to without any notice if found unsuitable. You can report us the comments if you think it should be removed.
7. I want to change my username. How can I do that?
You can not change your username. But you can always register with a new username if you want.
8. My login session expires before I complete my e-admission, message, or comment? Why?
Login Session expiration is for your own safety, so that nobody else can continue working with your username. However, if you see the login page trying to send a message comment or an e-admission, don't worry, your work is not lost. When you enter your login information you will be taken back to editing your work if you are trying to send a message or a comment. And your e-admission will automaticaly be sent when you re-login after the expiration.
9. I keep receiving e-mails from messagerecieved@e-admit.com. How can I stop theese messages?
E-mails are only send to users who have agreed to recieve an e-mail when a private message is sent to them via e-admit.com. However we do not confirm the e-mail addresses, so either you have an account and agreed to recieve emails but do not remember or somebody else has entered your e-mail address.
You can disable this option anytime by changing your settings in e-admit.com by logging in to your account. But if you cannot remember your username/password please send an e-mail to e-admit@e-admit.com from the e-mail address which you do not want to recieve the e-mails. We will remove that e-mail address asap.
10. When I try to see the results of the polls or try to vote them nothing happens. I think your site is not functioning correctly.
We are using little popup windows to display the results of the polls and voting for the polls. This way you do not have to reload the page you are reading over and over (which is pretty annoying). However some antivirus programs (Including Norton Antivirus) and popup block softwares blocks theese popups.
If nothing happens when you try to use e-polls it is most probably because you are blocking the popups. You will be able to use e-polls when you enable us to display the popups.
11. Additional Information :
e-admit.com is online since : 20.11.2002
If you have any questions, please contact us
9, 26, 2023
14 h 43 min to update 
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