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 Welcome to e-admit.com,
You will be considered to be accepted the following rules when you visit e-admit.com. These rules may be updated from time to time without notice. We advise you to read these rules every time you visit e-admit.com or before e-admitting.
1. You must be at least 14 years of age to visit e-admit.com.
2. Admissions of 14 years of age or younger are not published at e-admit.com.
3. Visitors' admissions published at e-admit.com pages does not reflect the ideas or thoughts of the site owners in any sense.
4. Every member commenting to e-admissions or admitting to e-admit.com undertakes that the content of his/her admissions do not have any material which can be harmful to personal rights of anybody.
5. The admissions and/or confessions to be made can be about anything, even the simplest thing like an experience you want to share with us, or whatever. You figure it out and let us share it with you (:
6. You acknowledge and agree that the admissions are checked and, without changing the meaning, might be corrected in means of spelling. And admissons not found suitable to the site are not published.
7. You acknowledge and agree that the comments added to the e-admissions are not checked one by one. So any comments found unsuitable in any sense by the owner of the e-admission or admins will be removed from the site. Please help us by reporting any bad comments.
8. If, for any reason, a comment is removed from the site by owner of the e-admission or any of the admins, the user who made the comment will be blocked from adding comments for 3 days.
9. Every member acknowledges and agrees that his/her admission(s) cannot be removed from the site.
10. Every member agrees that his/her admission(s) can be used, with e-admit.com's permisson, in other publications.
11. The contents of e-admit.com cannot be used in other publications without any permission from e-admit.com owners.
12. You acknowledge and agree that the responsibility of any possible friendships or relationships carried over e-admit.com is completely yours. One would be advised not to give personal information.
13. e-admit.com takes your privacy seriously.
Our web site does not collect personally identifiable information from individuals unless they provide it to us voluntarily and knowingly.
a - Any information of users, from submissions to this site is not sold, shared or used for any other purposes then this site, not used for any illegal intentions or not given to third parties for any reason.
b - e-admit.com has great respect to members' and visitors' private life.
c - e-admit.com is not responsible from the privacy policy of any other site's which is linked to from this site or advised by any members.
If you have any questions, please contact us
6, 2, 2023
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