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   Please Note :
   1. The e-admissions to be made can be about anything, even the simplest thing like an experience you want to share with us, or whatever. The idea is not only to ask for advice or confess your sins but interesting ideas, advices etc. are very welcome ((: So you figure it out and let us share it with you (:
   2. Please be careful about any spelling mistakes as much as possible. Badly/carelessly written e-admissions may not be published.
   3. You can write a maximum of 1000 characters. However we advise you to keep your e-admission brief and short. Remember that most people like/prefer reading and commenting on brief e-admissions.
   4. The e-admissions are not automatically added to the page. They will be checked first.
   5. Keep in mind that these e-admissions are open for anybody to read, even children. Please avoid using dirty words and adult content.

6, 2, 2023
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